The uniqueness capabilities of pervasive devices

In the paper I blogged about earlier, Interweaving Mobile Games with Everyday Life, there was this very interesting quote:

Players also became aware of some technical features that we were only vaguely aware of ourselves. In one case, a player became aware—and angry about—the fact that his PDA’s 802.11 antenna had a significantly lower sensitivity than his team–mates’, even though they were using the same model of PDA.

It makes me think that nowadays, current technologies are unique, and 2 PDAs do not have the same sensitivity... How this would be reflected in the design of applications? Especially when talking about sensor-based services that may detect anything (network, proximity of others, temperatures...)? Of course, users do not like this situation but they will have to deal with it. More chaos and uncertainty in the Internet of Things, things will be unique and unequals...