Bubble: new DVD game console

The Bubble is an interesting gaming platform produced by Bright Things PLC (ex-Eidos). It's a DVD games console that you connect wirelessly to your DVD player to allow kids to interact with characters from their favourite TV shows (actually it's a game controller). The website worldofbubble gives more detail about it.

Bubble is a DVD games console that allows pre-school children to interact with their favourite TV shows and characters in a unique, fun and educational way. This website is designed to provide more information about Bubble, plus some equally fun and educational links, information and activities that parents can share with their kids.

Bubble can also be used away from the TV. Each game has an Away Play feature for use anywhere you'd care to carry our light, battery-operated console.

The Bubble DVD games console works via an infra-red connection to your DVD player. There's no wires, and no worries!

A simple press of the coloured, flashing buttons or the interactive activity book controls the real characters on-screen.

Why do I blog this? just watching what's happening in the gaming world for kids, lots of stuff going on there...