Tamagotchi version 3

According to Wikipedia, here are the features of the new Tamagotchi:

Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 (Also known as Version 3, V3, Ver. 3, VR3, or Tama V3)

The third generation of the Tamagotchi Connection series was released at the end of January 2006. Like the Version 2, it borrows some features from the latest version of the Japanese toy, but greatly simplifies them. This means that the V3 does not go to school, get a career, or receive a salary. (...) Offers connection to Tamatown.com which, similar to the Japanese counterpart, generates codes which you can input into the toy and receive souvenirs, which are items that you can look at, but not much else. Passwords also give shop items and food, which cost Points. Other than the code from the Nintendo DS Game, the passwords unlocked on your pet or on TamaTown.com will not work on any other Tamagotchi.

6 new games:

  • Get, a game where one must collect falling music notes into a bag, and dodge the falling messes(read: Tamagotchi poop)and other bad things, in order to get a score of 100.
  • Bump, which is the same as the Connection Version 2 game, where your Tamagotchi becomes an almost sumo-like wrestler. However, point amounts are doubled from the Version 2.
  • Flag, a kind of "follow the leader" game, in which a flag appears on-screen, and one must press the corresponding button(s). However, there are imitation flags that will end the game if pressed. So be careful of them.
  • Heading, which is the same as the V2 version's heading, where the player must hit a falling ball back into the air. However, point amounts are doubled from the Version 2.
  • Memory, in which a sequence of arrows is played, and one must follow that sequence. You need a good memory for this game.
  • Sprint, which is essentially a button-mashing game where one must press any button continuously to help the Tamagotchi win.

From what I've read at Wal-Mart, the most interesting part is certainly the following:

The New Tamagotchi version 3 lets kids communicate with friends by using infrared capabilities. Each Tamagotchi stores up to 45 friends' characters in the Friend List (flash memory). You can visit friends, play games with them or alone and even give your friends gifts with the new Tamagotchi. Several generations of pets can be raised in each Tamagotchi 3 with the proper care and feeding. Enhanced play value in the new Tamagotchi 3 will be on-line compatibility and the introduction of the "The World of Tamagotchi Town" at www.tamatown.com.

  We're still waiting for "USB Tamagotchi" or tamagotchi blogging feature (as the AIBO does). And the fan connection is not a really achieved social software yet. Fortunately, there were previous versions equipped with a function allowing the toy to receive signals from cell phones.