Loki: Location-Based Internet Search & Navigation

Ted Morgan from Skyhook Wireless pointed me: Loki is a beta version of a new toolbar the integrates location in web searches and allows users to share and tag locations:

Loki is the first application to combine the physical with the digital to make the Internet a truly personal and local experience. We let you harness the World Wide Web by automatically identifying your exact physical location and then making the web revolve around you.

With one click, instantly find the nearest jazz band, directions to the closest Thai restaurant, the cheapest gas prices in town... or even pinpoint your exact location on a map. You can even share that location with others

Why do I blog this? It's actually a good interface between the physical and the virtual world. I'd be interested in seeing patterns of usage of this tool (moving beyond buddy-finder issues), the advantage of the "search" feature is obvious but will there be ways to use the system in rich collaborative ways? That is around the topic of my PhD. The thing here is that you don't need gps/cell phone ID triangulation but WiFi hotspots.