Protospace: augmented CAD

Protospace Demo 1.2 by the Hyperbody Research Group at TU Delft.

Protospace Demo 1.2, successor of Protospace Demo 1.1, explores 1) the appliance of swarm behavior in an early stage of a building project and 2) the use of experimental user interfaces with motion tracking, wireless controllers and speech recognition. It is a tool for designing diagrammatic layouts, in 3D and with dynamic (as opposed to static) elements. (...) Protospace is as much the intelligent design tools it provides as the user interface(s) for interacting with them. We believe that C(A)AD systems will benefit from more natural interfaces than the classic mouse, keyboard and small computer screen. In Protospace Demo 1.2 we experimented with wireless controllers, motion tracking, speech recognition and sensorial 'playing' field.

Why do I blog this? I like this kid of way of interacting in an embedded way.