A MAZEing MOON- Digital experimentation Scenarios for Science Learning

A MAZEing MOON (by Marc Jansen, Maria Oelinger, Kay Hoeksema, Ulrich Hoppe) is a nice example of an educational application that combines handhelds (PDAs) and programmable Lego bricks in a classroom scenario that deals with the problem of letting a robot escape from a maze.

It is specific to our setting that the problem can be solved both in the physical world by steering a Lego robot and in a simulated software environment on a PDA or on a PC. This approach enables the students to generate successful sets of rules in the simulation and to test these sets of rules later in physical mazes, or to create new types of mazes as challenges for known rule sets

Why do I blog this? well, apart from the learning scenario that is interesting (embedding problem solving into a concrete and tangible device control), I love this device: