Using video-game controllers/devices for other purposes

I recently came across this DTEC-BC-PRO (550$!):

The DTEC-BC-PRO is quite simply THE BEST boost controller ever made. It turns your Gameboy Advance SP into a powerful Electronic Boost Controller cabable of controlling boost pressures in excess of 60psi. The DTEC-BC-PRO allows everything from simple "one number" boost control that can be set up in minutes to the most advanced closed loop, gear dependant, RPM, and throttle position based programmable boost controller ever conceived. (...) The Gameboy Advance SP is not included. While it is required to set up the boost controller you do not have to leave it plugged into the DTEC-BC-Pro.

Why do I blog this? there are now numerous examples like this, what is interesting is to use the video games as a basis for:

  • taking advantage of people's habits to make them doing other activities with a game controller, like using a PS2 pad to control a missile
  • having certain affordances to trigger specific behavior
  • making device converging: more and more the portable consoles and cell phones get closer (even though the Nintendo Ds is not a cell phone yet, you can browse the web with it)