Novo Infotainment Table

Via joystiq, this interesting gaming table: the Novo Infotainment Table. The table is actually 32" LCD touch screen, a built in Shuttle PC or an Xbox or PS2, a rotating controller/keyboard panel, 60s spy-movie stlye. It's then a multi-purpose table: I don't really like the keyboard version (I hate those keyboards) but the one with the joystick is pretty cool: Why do I blog this? It's interesting to see that it's a way to repackage existing devices. This is the same phenomenon as the ambx system by philips: instead of focussing on a gaming device per se, some companies innovate by providing a service that embeds the console/pc in a larger context/experience.

In fact a cheaper version of this table is the following one, that Jan Chipchase showed last week: