Nabaztag + Everyware

In his book "Everyware : The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing", Adam Greenfield says that:

I've never actually met someone who owns one of the "ambient devices" supposed to represent the first wave of calm technology for the home. There seems to be little interest in the various "digital home" scenarios, even among the cohort of consumers who could afford such things and have been comparatively enthusiastic about high-end home theater. (p91)

The Nabaztag wifi rabbit created by french company Violet tries to go against this stance: nabaztag + everywareActually, and to be fair with Adam, what he is criticizing in his book is rather the very complicated technologies that were supposed to be "calm", "intelligent", "ambient" in the digital home of the future imagined few decades ago.

Why do I blog this? it's funny that I received my Nabaztag and Adam's book the same morning. I fully agree with lots of Everyware's claims, I'll post more about it when read.