Underground Trend Watching

To go beyond trend-spotting, underground watchers should pay attention to Brainsushi:

Avant-garde technologies, social mutations and cultural turmoil... New York vampyres, Mexican freaks, Silicon Valley nerds, Guatemalan gangsters, London fetishists or Japanese otakus, the Brainsushi agency is specialized in documenting contemporary phenomena that foresee the world of tomorrow.

Through its exclusive reports and documentation, brought together by a team of press and TV professionals who tirelessly travel the world and the digital networks for novelty, Brainsushi brings you to these ill-known territories where our of our societies’ future is brewing.

Documentary films, photographic reports or in-depth articles, our work is both meant for the most demanding connoisseurs and a mainstream audience. Beyond our portfolio, the member zone of this website (accessible on request), will allow you to appreciate the quality of our written and audio-visual productions.

Our main fields of expertise: Pop culture and counter culture / New technologies / Digital and outsider art / New body practices / Urban tribes and lifestyles / Extreme sports / Information society / Alternative sexualitiesWhy do I blog this? I found interesting and curious this kind of underground trend watching consultancy.