Digital home education

Look at this superb design: the Intelli-Tikes™ Pasta Pack :

“Intelli-Tikes™” interactive technology makes role play with our toy kitchens even more fun! Electronic chips in pretend foods are read by sensors in the stovetop, which respond with over 100 specific food and cooking phrases. Sensors in these toy kitchens can also tell whether more than one food at a time is placed on the stovetop and respond with phrases like “What a creative dish.”

“Intelli-Tikes™” interactive technology makes pasta making more fun! Electronic chips in these pretend foods are read by sensors in an RFID kitchen, which responds with over 50 food and cooking phrases. The 8-piece set includes a pasta pot with lid, spoon, oregano, tomato sauce, pasta, garlic bread and meatballs. Works with the 440Y MagiCook™ Kitchen and the 442F Cook ’n Clean™ Kitchen. Ages 2 years and up.

Why do I blog this? what is this? a role play toy that make kids use to RFID technology so that they cook products with RFID when being adults. It reminds me some technology I saw in a french lab that used RFID tags to know cooking time for chicken brought in RFID-enabled microwave oven.

Sincerely, I've never been a great fan of this sort of digital home applications and from what is published it does not seem to work very well (in terms of market acceptance). Here it's meant to be used by kids. As the Motorola guy mentioned in Adam's book were pushing to: the guy was saying - sort of, I don't have the quote here- that if the market is not accepting digital homes, it may be that "people should be educated".