Thoughts around korea food

Interesting chat yesterday at the korean restaurant in Koreatown with Julian Bleecker, Adam Greenfield and Raphael Grignani. Raphael's working at Nokia Design (previously with the ever watchful Jan Chipchase), he briefly explained us what they basically do with their ethnographic studies (finding behavioral patterns and then trying to make them match with the company's technology roadmap). I am particularly fascinated by the second part of the process (after the conduction of field studies, be it ethnographic or more experimental as in my phd research); that's a topic I am trying to work on for my research and foresight work: what can be transfered? how? what would be a good design process (in the case the research outcome are design-oriented)? how this would help strategy people (in the case the research outcome are strategy-oriented)? Don't know whether they can communicate about it but I guess there's a lot to think about here. The discussion also addressed the often emptiness of conferences presentation, which I sometime tend to share event as an academic.

Korean Food View from the bar on the rooftop