Spreadsheet art

(via), Danielle Aubert's 58 Days Worth of Drawing Exercises in Microsoft Excel is very appealing to me.

Microsoft Excel is a program designed to track and compute information, but here I am using Excel as a drawing tool. These drawings are a part of a series of sixty drawings that I executed (more or less) every day for fifty-eight days. Each drawing is in a new 'worksheet,' which is automatically set up as a grid. These drawings were made by changing cell preferences for background color, fill pattern, and border styles and from time to time inserting 'comment' boxes and letters or words. Other manifestations of these drawings are 58 Days Worth of Drawing Exercises in Microsoft Excel as Rendered for Web and Animated Daily Excel Drawings (2005, ongoing). A year's worth of drawings will be featured as part of a group show at Gallery Project, in Ann Arbor, Michigan (May 10 - June 18, 2006). They will be published as a book over the summer of 2006

Why do I blog this? it definitely reminds me how game designers were doing level design 4-5 years ago. They were basically using excel spreadsheets to create spatial topographies and I found it nice and interesting at that time. This art project then nicely reflects the aesthetical practices of excel. The two I put there are gorgeous.What thismakes you think? Would it be the representation of something? For me it's an instanciation of an imaginary world.