Special issue of Psychnology about Mobile Media

The Psychnology journal (an online research journal) is going to have a special issue on Mobile media and communication – reconfiguring human experience and social practices? (edited by Ilkka Arminen):

Mobile media have already become an essential aspect of everyday life. They alter existing communication patterns, enable new kinds of contacts between people, and yet remain embedded in prevailing social relations and practices. Mobile communication has said to have created “timeless time” and freedom from place. This new social and communicative development has been characterized revolutionary. Still, the usages of mobile technologies are solidly anchored on local circumstances and prevailing forms of life. Also not all mobile technologies have proven successful. The adoption of mobile media has been in many respects much slower than anticipated. Is there a contradiction between revolutionary technological potential of mobile media and embodied, habitual human experiences? This special issue addresses the potentially tense relationship between the development of mobile technologies and mundane experience.

Possible topics include:

Reinvention of mobile media.

Limits of mobile technologies.

Mobile technologies and local realities.

Mobile technologies and new forms of social interaction.

Mobile technologies and social networks.

Submissions are accepted of any length, discipline and format provided their scientific relevance and accuracy. They should be sent in electronic form to both: articles(at)psychnology.org, and Ilkka.Arminen(at)uta.fi no later than October, 30 2006. Inclusion of color pictures, videos and sound files is welcome.

Why do I blog this? again this is indirectly connected to my research about how new technologies reshape social/cultural/cognitive practices.