Video Games Event in Milano

Today was the games@IULM in Milano (could not be there...), an event co-organized by some good people I follow:

The Humanities Lab at IULM University in Milan, Italy, is organizing a digital games conference and exhibition for May 3rd 2006. The event brings together game researchers from Italy, the United States (Stanford University), and Europe (the Computer Games Research Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Stanford's Jeffrey Schnapp, Henry Lowood and Fred Turner will take part in the event in mediated form. Their contributions will be delivered via video interviews recorded by SHL visiting scholar and game researcher Matteo Bittanti.

Jeffrey Schnapp examines the role of humanities in the digital age; Henry Lowood discusses the status quo of game studies and game culture, while Fred Turner comments on the politics and ideology of digital games. The video interviews will be freely available for viewing and downloading on the Games@IULM official website from May 3rd 2006

The program is there

Why do I blog this? this event seems to propose interesting and refreshing perspectives in the domain of video-games research.