wi5d search engine

wi5d (Wireless 5th Dimensional Networking) seems to be an intriging company. It had been created in 2005 and it's focused on the development of a context-aware approach to surfing the Web as they say.

By challenging the myth that the web frees the user from space and time considerations, we hold that the most valuable search engine will not aim to organize cyberspacecc, but rather will aim to better connect individuals with the potential energy of their own spatial/temporal context.

Their system is called MapNexxus (they have this weird habit of puting their text as image files):

As it's explained on the website, the company was purchased by an "anonymous buyer" during the beta development phase...

Why do I blog this? Since I am interested in spatial technologies, I am wondering about how user would employ this sort of search engine. How would they relate on location-based information.