Distorted maps, check the royalties/fee one!

Worldmapper offers some exquisite "anamorphosis" (maps where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest). What is great is that their data are also available. Some of the distorted map are utterly crazy, look at this one: Royalties And License Fees Exports:

Territory size shows the proportion of worldwide net exports of royalties and license fees (in US$) that come from there. Net exports are exports minus imports. When imports are larger than exports the territory is not shown.

Only 18 (out of 200) territories are net exporters of license fees and royalties. This means that a few people living in less than a tenth of the territories in the world between them receive the US$30 billion of net export earnings for these services.

The International Monetary Fund explained that royalties and license fees include "international payments and receipts for the authorised use of intangible, non-produced, non-financial assets and proprietary rights ... and with the use, through licensing agreements, of produced originals or prototypes ...". Thus these export earnings are payments for past ideas.

“Ideas shape our world. They are the raw materials on which our future prosperity and heritage depend.” Kamil Idris, 2006