Blutooth locative media

BlueWay is a project carried out at the ITP by Myra Einstein, David Yates, Robert Faludi, Arly Caryn Ross, Leif Mangelsen:

BlueWay at the Spring Show provides personalized guidance to friends, business contacts, locations, projects, and services by taking advantage of technology already carried by most users.

Visitors at a BlueWay kiosk can have have their picture taken and linked to their Bluetooth-enabled device. As they move through the space, BlueWay senses the visitor’s presence using their Bluetooth ID and displays their location. Participants receive pertinent wayfinding information when and where they need it. Their presence is depicted on master display maps, so other people can also quickly find them. These signs even benefit guests who do not register with the system, because the useful information they provide is visible to everyone.

Why do I blog this? yet another location-based application using bluetooth that aims at providing guidance/wayfinding information. IMO what is more interesting here is to use the bluetooth ID as presence/community indicator.