Catchbob second run of experiment

Today I started the second run of experiment using CatchBob for my PhD research. The purpose this time are threefold. First and foremost, the new experiment are meant to refine the model I described about how people coordinate in mobile settings (using Herbert Clark's framework of coordination, I described which kind of information are used/exchanged during a mobile and collaborative activity, and how those information are mutually acknowledged by the group).

Second, for the Mutual Modeling project which is funding my activities, I will use this run as a testbed to investigate new research methods to better grasp how people model others' intents, knowledge and belief during play. For that matter, I will go further in the use of "self-confrontation" qualitative techniques, meaning that - right after the game ended - I will confront one player to a replay of one of her/his partner and ask him/her to described what the character did. Then I will ask this player what happened. This would eventually allow me to better understand the (reconstructed) mental model of the activity. We have a very simple replay tool that allows to show traces of the activity (such as people's paths and map annotation see picture from an old version below). It's much simpler than the one Paul Tennent is working on, but quite functional to my needs.

Finally, this is also useful for Fabien, since most of the post-game questionnaire concerns how people reacted to technical flaws/discrepancies/uncertainties, whether they manage to compensate using different strategies.

Why do I blog this? well it's a milestone...