Pick up color readings and transmits them into the viewer's eyes

Monochromeye is a project carried out at the Smart Studio. Part of a more general project, it's actually a portable device with a fingerholder that picks up color readings and transmits them into the viewer's eyes:

Monochomeye is one of several optical machines that were built in an art driven research project about light and perception called Occular Witness. The project attempts to stake out the limits of human vision and it examines how information is malleable and how meaning is formed through image in a time when information is abundant and our culture is saturated with layers of processed imagery. (...) Monochromeye is a portable device that enhances low resolution vision. A fingerholder contains one red, one green and one blue lightsensor that read the environment as you point at it. It feeds back the color information to two tricolored (RGB) light diodes that emit two beams of light straight into the viewers eyes. At such a low resolution, the viewer can only get color readings. They do not contain any information beyond the color that is registered at the point in space where the viewer points his finger.

Why do I blog this? because this project is appealing to me; from the user experience point of view, I like this idea of enhancing resolution vision. Besides the design is nice.