Insights about kids-tracking devices

Location-Based Applications seems to be very appealing as kids tracking devices. Kelly Goto has a smart post about it; she presents some insights drawn from parents interviews:

- Most kids between 2 and 8 lose anything that is not permanently attached. Some come home with one shoe, a sock missing or glasses that will never be found. The age where kids are responsible enough to carry their own phone (and not lose it) is pretty much the age where parents are less likely to worry about their kids being abducted.

- Some parents would love a tracking device, but are skeptical about GPS technology and hear that it may not work inside of large complexes (shopping malls) and some houses. One parent said that outside of tagging her children with RFID tags (treating them like dogs) she doesn’t think she would rely on a tracking device for her kids.

- Age of the kids is a huge issue. If the kids are under 5 or 6 years, the parents claim to know where they are every minute of the day and are not as fearful about their being abused or abducted. - If they are over 6 years to 8 years, they feel this would be a great solution. If they are 10 - 12, they feel the kids would resent being tracked, and would even be clever enough to leave the device somewhere they were ‘supposed to be’ and then go and sneak somewhere else.

- If they wanted to reach their kids, they would just call them.

- Most parents interviewed were interested in the concept, and many felt that it would be a nice feature to have in case of emergency but would want it to be an add-on to their current calling plan or mobile package. Some expressed interest in being able to monitor calls and pricing because of stories about scary monthly bills due to lack of call and SMS monitoring.