A machine to create new dishes

The A machine to create new dishes is a project carried out by INRA (the french agronomy research institution) which is geared toward the production of a machine which creates new dishes or cocktails, not on the basis of the sentiments expressed by a tune but from formulae developed by Hervé This to describe the dispersed systems formed by foods (meringues, sauces, meats, fish, vegetables, etc.). Inspired by Boris Vian's Pianococktail, it goes like this:

Hervé This1 presented a method to describe the complex dispersed systems applicable not only to food preparations such as mousses, emulsions, suspensions, gels, aerosols, etc., but also to other dispersed systems: paint, cosmetics, etc. However, an understanding that any food preparation is in fact only a "dispersed" system was only half of the battle. (...) In February 2003, the researchers set up a trial run with mashed potato, oil and water, and aligned two microreactors in series (see photo opposite), in order to demonstrate the formula (G+H+S)/E.