Cords, wires outlets and furnitures

The WSJ has a curious piece about how of cords, devices and outlets can be managed by furniture designers:

As more consumers buy gadgets like cellphones and MP3 players that need frequent recharging, manufacturers are offering new ways to manage the tangle of cords, devices and outlets. Their solution: A handful of makers are equipping nightstands and coffee tables with dedicated storage spaces to hide cords and electronics from view, and building power strips right into the furniture. (...) Just as users have had to avoid spilling drinks around the computer, bringing technology to everyday coffee tables and nightstands could create another challenge. "Until they make laptops and cellphones that are waterproof, we will need to be careful," says Mr. Behar.

And electronics makers advise against recharging devices -- a process that generates heat -- in an enclosed space. Some furniture makers have addressed the issue: The eNook, for one, has ventilation holes on the sides.

Why do I blog this? it's interesting to take the context into account: new devices reshape the environment: furnitures are then redesigned accordingly. This is than important to think about what would be the place/room of the future due to these sort of changes.