Agent V on Nokia 3230

One of the most intriguing game I played lately is "Agent V" on the Nokia 3230 cell phone. This is an augmented reality game that puts the player in the middle of the action: using the camera viewer and the motion sensor in the phone, you move the phone to catch or shoot in virtual artifacts which appears on the screen overlayed on the environment. As seen on this picture: agent v

Though there are also other games like that (mosquito or CamBlaster for example), this one is pretty impressive. I found myself playing in the train, doing crazy movements to catch energy cells here and there, disrupting the trip of others. Quite addictive and funny but in the long run, it's not that playable. Why do I blog this? because these augmented reality games are really simple (at least you don't have to wear huge eyeglasses) and enable a curious gaming experience that involve both virtual elements and the physical world.