Some references for the PhD dissertation

Some resources I used: resources for phd dissertation

I organized the resources I want to use to build my theoretical framework, which would be mostly about coordination in joint activities:

- Big picture = "socially distributed cognitive system": Hutchins, E. (1995). Cognition in the wild. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.

- Big picture = importance of context in cognition. Suchman, L. (1987). Plans and Situated Actions. Cambridge University Press

- of course there are some other references about framework like Activity Theory, Situated Cognition but I mainly focus on the one quoted above

- Big picture = computing trends + awareness: Dourish, P. (2005). Where The Action Is? The Foundations of Embodied Interaction. MIT Press: Cambridge.

- More specific references about mutual intelligibility/mutual awareness/common ground/coordination

Clark, H. (1996) Using Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Clark, H. H., & Brennan, S. E. (1991). Grounding in communication. In L. B. Resnick, R. M. Levine, & S. D. Teasley (Eds.). Perspectives on socially shared cognition (pp. 127-149). Washington, DC: APA.

Grice, H. P. 1975. "Logic and conversation." In Cole, P. and Morgan 1975 41–58.

Malone, T.W. / Crowston, K. (1994). The Interdisciplinary Study of Coordination. ACM Computing Surveys, Vol. 26 (1), pp. 87-119.

Smith, N. (1982) Mutual Knowledge, Academic Press.

Sperber, D. and Wilson, D. 1986/95: Relevance: Communication and Cognition. Oxford: Blackwell.

Salembier, P. & Zouinar, M. (2004) Intelligibilité mutuelle et contexte partagé. Inspirations conceptuelles et réductions technologiques, @CTIVITES, n°2, Vol. 1

(among others) (more later about awareness)