Two examples of objects/MMO cross-over

reports on this interesting cross-over: LEGO Mindstorms (the line of robotics components that let you build interactive objects) will have a new line called "NXT that is going to be previewed in Second Life. Also, the insightful Amy-Jo Kim pointed to this article: Habbo China to Match Real and Virtual Purchases:

Habbo Hotel in China , developed by Sulake and apparently operated by Netease, is now allowing online purchases of virtual items that are paired with real-world sales. Flowers, clothes, and movie tickets can be purchased online through Habbochina and the matching real items will be delivered to the purchaser the next day.

Why do I blog this? in terms of video games foresight, this is interesting because it shows (1) video games are so more than video games (social platform, shot to demonstrate a new thing...) and (2) the way old media and new media are more and more intertwined, building a new ecosystem of playful objects (virtual or not).