Accelerometers and wearable systems

Knight J.F., Bristow, H. W., Anastopoulou, S., Baber, C., Schwirtz, A., & Arvanitis, T. N. (2006). “Uses of Accelerometer Data Collected from a Wearable System.” Personal and Ubiquitous Computing”. The paper address the use of accelerometers in wearable systems for diverse applications.

It discusses and demonstrates how body mounted accelerometers can be used in context aware computing systems and for measuring aspects of human performance, which may be used for teaching and demonstrating skill acquisition, coaching sporting activities, sports and human movement research, and teaching subjects such as physics and physical education. (...) In particular, systems for the detection of activity status (including ambulatory mode), assessment of performance (such as match or technique analysis and studying skilled performance)

Why do I blog this? this sort of data might be interesting to use a new category of inputs in video games (to raise your farming activity in MMORPG?).