Early version of a dinosaur spime

I just had fun with this early version of a spime in the form of a dinosaur model. The recipe is quite simple (does not require some hardcore DYI capabilities), and I confront it to the spimes characteristics (from the Wikipedia). 1. Go to : Download a Dinosaur, select one of them, print it out. (one of the characteristic of a spime is "5. Ways to rapidly prototype virtual objects into real ones.” and I expect that "4. Tools to virtually construct nearly any kind of object; computer-aided design" has been used to design those dinosaurs).

2. Go to Kaywa QR code generator, create a QR code like the following one, print it out and stick it to the paper dinosaur (this is 1. Small, inexpensive means of remotely and uniquely identifying objects over short ranges;, ok normally it would be arphids, the canonical identificator but QR codes are cheaper and paper-based ). It will be the identity of my raptor ("Johnny Raptor"): qrcode

Here's the final version:

(It also has another Qrcode on the other side that points to the url of the Wikipedia definition of spimes)

And yes it's a cradle-to-cradle object, I only used recycled paper than can be recycled. What I only miss is "A mechanism to precisely locate something on Earth, such as a global-positioning system." and "A way to mine large amounts of data for things that match some given criteria, like internet search engines"

3. Take a cell phone, install kaywa reader and check what the raptor says when you pass it close to it.

Why do I blog this? summer fun, this is just a quick funny thing done during lunch time because it was too HOT here. And not this is not a spime.