IFTF report about context-aware gaming

The Institute For The Future recently released a report about context-aware gaming, as part of their Technology Horizons program (which aims at a understanding technology and societal forces to identify and evaluate discontinuities and innovations in the next 3 to 10 years). It's called "All the World's a Game: The Future of Context-Aware Gaming" and the executive summary is on-line here.

This report defines context-aware gaming, describes the technological enablers for it, presents four future scenarios for what context-aware gaming might look like in coming decade and insights for those futures, and suggests opportunities that will emerge for organizations. A context-aware game uses physical and digital information about the current status of the player to shape how the game is played. The integration of physical and digital context moves the experience beyond what we've come to expect of games played in either the digital or physical worlds alone. While the contextual elements of today's context-aware games cover a fairly broad spectrum-from location to heart rate and other people's ideas-there are some fundamental similarities among games that integrate elements of the physical and digital world, all pointing to a new era of gaming that builds on the rich spaces and interactions of daily life. This shift will offer new channels for communication and marketing, build valuable skills in future workers, and pose challenges and opportunities for products, services, and brands when anything can and likely will be part of a game.