Lollipop as user-interface

Regine completed my yesterday's post about tongue-based interactions with this right-on-the-spot innovation: lollipop as a user interface (by Lance Nishihira and Bill Scott):

Participants suck on lollipops embedded with sensors to control robotic babies in a race. (...) Sensors transmitted each sloppy stroke to a laptop that was controlling the movements of several robotic toys. ``I'm trying to think which one of our properties can be driven by a lollipop,'' joked Scott, a member of Yahoo's platform design group. ``Maybe Yahoo Games.'' The ``Edible Interface'' was one of 10 prototypes featured at Yahoo's University Design Expo, an annual event that explores how humans interact with technology

(picture by Gary Reyes / Mercury News)

Why do I blog this?a curious interface; what happen when the interface is more "invasive" than just a joypad? Would I like to control cell-phones games or billboard through this sort if interface...