I walk. Principally I walk

A nice quote for a rainy saturday I which got back to some situationist writings:

—What do you do anyways? I don’t really know . —Reification, Gilles replied. —It’s serious work, I added. —Yes, he said. —I see, Carole said with admiration. It’s very serious work with thick books and a lot of papers on a big table. —No, Gilles said. I walk. Principally I walk.

This is from Michele Bernstein's Tous les chevaux du roi (quote translation from french to english taken here).

Why do I blog this? I like the punchline "Non, je me promène. Principalement je me promène" (i.e. "I walk. Principally I walk"). This is by no means related to my Human Computer Interaction research but I appreciated the quote from an aesthetical point of view (any maybe because I gather lots of ideas by walking too).