Kevin Kelly on "street use"

Following William Gibson's quote, Kevin Kelly now has a blogpage about "Street use":

This site features the ways in which people modify and re-create technology. Herein a collection of personal modifications, folk innovations, street customization, ad hoc alterations, wear-patterns, home-made versions and indigenous ingenuity. In short -- stuff as it is actually used, and not how its creators planned on it being used. As William Gibson said, "The street finds its own uses for technology." I welcome suggestions of links, and contributions from others to include in this compendium. -- KK

Some examples (shovel pan and dashboard oven):

Why do I blog this? It seems that Michel de Certeau is very trendy lately. I already quoted Lucie Girard who summarized de Certeau's work:

Michel de Certeau’s social philosophy was based on the notion of détournement and collage (...) What was at stake for him was the way people use some readymade objects, the way they organize their private space, their office, or their working-place, the way they “practice” their environment and all public space available to them (shopping malls, town streets, airports and railway stations, movie theatres, and the like). By so doing, Certeau focused his reflection on the ordinary “practices” of every man and woman in his/her everyday life.