Workshop about Mobile Multiplayer Games at CSCW 2006

Mobile Multiplayer Games: Designs, Studies and Reflections a workshop at ACM CSCW 2006 by Matthew Chalmers and Steve Benford:

A number of researchers have used mobile multiplayer games either as a topic of study in itself or as a vehicle for more general investigations in computing, collaboration and information. Set within the context of increasing commercial significance of both games in general and mobile games in particular, this research has used the energy and ingenuity of players to test interfaces, infrastructure and design concepts, and to drive new technological developments. Commercial games are appearing that take advantage of commodity mobile phones’ burgeoning capabilities for interaction, awareness and collaboration. In-depth studies of mobile multiplayer games are also beginning to appear in greater numbers, and growing experience of design and use opens up new possibilities for conceptual work on the mixture of media, people and environments that constitute such games. This workshop’s aim is a broad view of this young research area, spanning and connecting system design, user studies and theoretical reflections.

Why do I blog this? this right on spot of what we do; I don't know whether it qualifies to be called "serious game" (i.e. using a game in another purpose than just entertainment) but that's how I used a pervasive game to deepen the understanding of socio-cognitive processes at stake in collaboration. Don't know whether I would have time (and $$ to go there) to write a position paper about that :(