Video Games evolution

The Economist has an article about gaming, showing how "video games are evolving in ways that make them more compelling for adults than teenagers". Some excerpts I found interesting:

"Fun shouldn't be difficult," says George Harrison, Nintendo's senior vice-president of marketing and corporate communications. “People are looking for 15 minutes of diversion, often with their family.” It's this realisation that has the veteran video-game firm rethinking both its hardware and software offerings. (...) This method of operation [sony eye toy, sony-nike exercise game] is far less off-putting for casual or non-gamers than mashing the plethora of buttons in just the right order on the game controller. (...) But it's not just the hardware that has driven change; the games themselves are a key element. (...) This “non-game” [Elektroplankton] is as much an electronic musical instrument as a diversion. “Animal Crossing”, also for the DS, presents the player with a cartoon virtual world, and its multi-player elements—the DS has built-in Wi-Fi networking—make it a communication tool rather than a solitary, introverted escape.

Why do I blog this? some good trends are explained here. I like this concept of "non-game games".