Some visualization ideas

I am still struggling to find ideas of visualizations to represent the exchange of coordination information between players of CatchBob! (see here for a more complete description). As I said earlier, what I am interested in is to depict a chronological account of collaborative processes drawing on system logfiles (and the researcher’s analysis in the form of messages categorizations, this packed in a XML file). Some of the viz I found that might fit are chronological account. For instance, I what Fabien did for an informative art project (it shows user’s activities on a portal over time. This synthetic representation is one my favorite.):

Furthermore, I am more and more curious about using music score-like representations because it nicely shows the chronological view (under the form of a staff) with possible multi occurences of events performed by players that could be represented as note symbols.

But, it's maybe good to go further into the deconstruction since there will be connections between events performed by players (represented as note symbols), something new might emerge as represented in the following picture (from Sylvano Bussoti, used in Milles Plateaux by G. Deleuze and F. Guattari)

Or also, from musician at McGill University:

What is pertinent in thes example is Bussoti's idea of musical graphical notation, "a form of music notation which refers to the use of non-traditional symbols and text to convey information about the performance of a piece of music".

H-C Steiner's Solitude is even more interesting for my purposes:

(more about graphical musical notations: Cage, J. and Knowles, A. (1973) Notations. Reprint Services Corp. ISBN 0-685-14864-5)

Some go even further by removing the idea of staff (hence the chronological order) and plotting the information, which can also fit with my needs (a triangle would then represent the 3 players):