Fabien pointed me on Partystrands:

PartyStrands is a music service launching next month that will bring together aggregated recommendations, voting and photos synchronized on location by mobile phone. (...) People who have downloaded the MyStrands desktop application at home can take their playlists and recommendations with them by signing in to by SMS at participating locations. MyStrands monitors your playlists in iTunes or Windows Media Player and suggests songs based on similar playlists from other users.

When a number of people are logged into Partystrands, the service will aggregate their playlists and recommendations, display which song is playing on a video projector (with cover art) and let users vote songs on the list up and down by SMS. Users will also be able to send photos they take at the bar to their MyStrands profile to record the evening and to the projection screen in the venue for sharing with everyone.

Why do I blog this? what I found interesting here is this notion of aggregation of content bound to specific locations. How will this shape a new experience of cultural consumption? Would it be so important that it would change spatial behavior?