Gummi toys

Few ago, wandering around in Zürich, I ran across curious boxes in a chupa-chups store, it occured that it was super-nice toys meant to create special "dishes". For instance, take a look at the Fruchtgummi Yummi Gummi Maschine (TOGGO):

First the name is great and second the object is marvelous. The "Kellogg's Cereal Bar Maker" is curious too, offering an interesting user interface:

Finally, Sweet eat (what a name!?) has this "marshmallow maker" and a "schokamell"

Why do I blog this? because the toy industry seems to design very pertinent "user interfaces" for tangible and "creative crafting" activities (not linked to digital world interaction though, but this is not my point). No mention of some underlying culture assumptions at stake as well (that I find less interesting). I put creative crafting into brackets because it's of course limitative but it might be funny to have this sort of user interface to create stuff in a "virtual world".