Insectopia: context-aware gaming

insectopia (developed by the Game studio, a lab of the Interactive Institute in Sweden) is a mobile phone game that rely on context-awareness:

insectopia is a new kind of cell phone game where the real world spills into the game world. Players roam the cityscape searching for and catching a multitude of different insects. Each insects in the game world is generated by using the available bluetooth devices available in the player's vicinity. By catching insects and trading them with other players, players build their own collection bigger and better. The current status of the game is displayed on various highscore lists both in the phones and online.

See also geoquiz, a location-based mobile game in which players create and answer questions related to their current geographic position (kept track of through the GSM network).

Why do I blog this? though both quite new, the design concepts (collect stuff, search for things in the vicinity, get questions at specific location) seems more and more simple to implement (given the quantity of games of that sort); whereas few years ago the seminal Mogi Mogi was heavier.