RSS feed reader with pattern analyzer

Excerpts from Attensa: RSS meets knowledge management:

Start-up Attensa has developed a Microsoft Outlook RSS reader with a twist: it analyzes patterns in RSS feeds to see how information inside companies is being consumed. (...) The software has "attention analytics" which prioritize feeds for individuals based on previous patterns (...) For example, reports analyzing tags and forwarded information could indicate that a handful of people are experts in a specific topic and serve as conduits of information to others. In addition, the software can show the feeds which people or groups are reading.

Why do I blog this? I am tremendously interested by this sort of tool; my feeling is that RSS aggregator could be really pushed further than current interfaces. In terms of pattern analysis, informaiton visualization, social sharing, I am sort of dubious about why there aren't more projects about that (no web2.0 rush on this issue?).