Sony PS3 and geospatial databases

Excerpts from Ken Kutaragi's PS3 keynote at the Tokyo Game Show (taken from joystiq):

"For us in the entertainment industry the other interesting thing for us is the map database ... including map data and dimensions of buildings and so on. You can use the joystiq to fly through the landscape created by the map database. All those peices of data are available ... all the buildings are actually physically built up ... if you look at the building registration data you have all the pieces of information available. If all the data can be collected ... it's going to be beyond whatever you imagine is possible. The landscape required for Ridge Racer... today the game developers have to do that work [manually]. You have to take photos, pictures." (...) "With the PS3 the next gen platform will have powerful ... users themselves using these platforms will upload their personal environment ... the possibility of creating a GMS, a global map system, users will be invited to upload their data. Users will start with all the pieces of information in their living rooom, their favorite restaurant, their school ... of course you have to think about secrecy, but all of that information can be uploaded realtime. A grassroots initiative to make the GMS a global system. This is not just a pipedream. You can enjoy the data in real time. You can fly through the landscape in real time."

Why do I blog this? so it seems that the industry is now jumping into geowanking applications (with a user generated content twist), nice possibilities here, stuff to keep in eye on.