remote control gardening

Via, look at this Aiterrarium: Remote-control gardening:

On October 11, Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. announced plans to begin selling an indoor gardening system whose lighting, temperature and water supply can be remotely monitored and controlled via the Internet. The system, called Aiterrarium, is slated for release on December 20 and will initially target research facilities for universities and businesses.

Why do I blog this? I am wondering why could not it be the other way around: sensors on a cell phone (or whatever object that can be mobile, "visiting" diverse environments) that would remotely control elements of the plans (for instance water distribution with different levels of Sodium, different light exposition, noises... or even radiowaves and touch sensors) so that the plant development itself is a by-product of your own movement in space... Matching your own experience (the light you have access, the radiowave you encountered, the food you eat) or not... I mean it's a matter of turning your cell phone in a blogject input and your plant as a blogject output.