Next Nabaztag version: nabaztag/tag

This - sort-of - businessy presentation of Nabaztag is very interestint because the founder show the new version: Nabaztag/tag. Among its new capabilities, it can obey to voice orders ("it has a belly button and everyones knows that rabbit hear through their belly buttons"): like "weather in NY?" and voice capabilities has been improved since it can read stream for any sources (podcasts, web radio...). My favorite part is when the rabbit smells stuff like carots and says "I am wifi rabbit for god's sake, I cannot eat carots".

As described by network worlds:

Version 2 will be announced, which includes speech recognition functions, to allow users to use the rabbit as an input device, or even as a push-to-talk or VoIP phone. "Everything that you can do with an audio input device you'll be able to do with V2," Haladjian says. In addition, the V2 will be able to stream audio from the Internet through the device, which allows for things like listening to podcasts or Internet radio streams. The company says V2 will launch in November and will likely cost more than the current Nabaztag, which sells for about $150.

Why do I blog this? even though it's just a small step, this new version have slight improvements (I'd like to try the voice recognition). They also said that other devices produced by Violet will be released so that it can communicate with the rabbit: "this is leading the way for the Internet of Things" as Rafi Haladjian says.