Various vectors

Various link that may or may not make sense in the near future:

  • halloweenmonsterlist is a comprehensive list of DIY hack/make for halloween. There are some very smart motion detector stuff and of course BBQ boneyards
  • Bitchun society is a web platform that aims at applying Cory Doctorow's Whuffie notion of social capital. Whuffie is the personal capital with your friends and neighbors: you can give and receive Whuffie... a sorta social software and use a whuffie tracker. The website does not describe the implications of such a platform... that would only show its effects if the there is a critical mass of users.
  • Using brain signals to play video games appears to be more and more common. Some scientists managed to make a kid playing Space Invader by recording brain surface signals through electrocorticographic (ECoG) activity detection. The good thing is that it is "non-invasive" (meaning that you don't need to have some crazy electrodes inside the brain).

Why do I blog this? those are just hints/signals that I ran across during lunchtime. What's the connection between them?