GeoIQ: Heat map visualization platform

Fortiusone just releases the GeoIQ platform:

GeoIQ is an open platform for building intuitive geographic analysis and visualization tools into web-based mapping applications. It gives people a simple and compelling way to filter, analyze and get value from geographic data without ever leaving their web browser.

GeoIQ is a dynamic geospatial analysis and heat mapping technology that delivers high resolution raster analysis through a web browser.

Developers can use GeoIQ to add geographic data visualization and analysis tools to their web mapping applications. So instead of just seeing search results as sets of points or colored polygons, users can ask the map questions like:

"How does location A compare to location B, in terms of the parameters I have chosen?" "Which places have the most or least of the things I'm interested in?" "Where can I find the greatest overlap between all of the things I'm looking for?"

Why do I blog this? this is a pertinent way of visualizing geospatial traces, with different information flows depicted on a map metaphor. Might be relevant for future projects.