Markus Schaefer seminar at EPFL

I attended an interesting seminar today at the EPFL School of Architecture, as part of the Interactive City/Une Cité Interactive Design Studio (led by Professor Jeffrey Huang). The seminar was given by Markus Schaffer from Hosoyaschaefer. I already blogged about stuff they did here. He presented some examples of their work, mostly about visualizations; for example a map representing the evolution of "consumer psychology" or an evolution tree of car typologies (becomes a system of differentiation), maps of ratio between McDonalds burgers prices and salaries. Their work seems to be fell directed towards representing the globalization of the world.

That one was quite evocative (representing how Guangzhou became the center of a system/web):

He then move to the topic of Switzerland with some very interesting map (see their or here): "coming back to SWitzerland was like coming back to a really small world" (Markus previously worked for AMO/Rem Koolhas before heading back to Zürich). My favorite is certainly that one, which shows the importance of emigration in Switzerland (both as population and as founders of the most important companies there):