"So my thesis is finished when it’s completed"

okay time for a quote by Bruno Latour, from his well-known dialogue with a a student:

"Student — But that’s exactly my problem: to stop. I have to complete this PhD. I have just eight more months. You always say ‘more descriptions’, but this is like Freud and his cures: indefinite analysis. When do you stop? My actors are all over the place! Where should I go? What is a complete description? Professor — Now that’s a good question because it’s a practical one. As I always say: a good thesis is a thesis that is done. But there is another way to stop than by ‘adding an explanation’ or ‘putting it into a frame’. S — Tell me it then. P — You stop when you have written your 50.000 words or whatever is the format here, I always forget. S — Oh! That’s really great! So my thesis is finished when it’s completed… so helpful, many thanks! I feel so relieved… "

Why do I blog this? it's very apropos with my current situation ;)