Urban juice: traveling system

It's kind of weird but after blogging about the "urban radar" I now ran across this Urban Juice project by Mine Danisman Tasar done at the Umea Institute of design (and Philips), which expands the notion of travelogue:

Prior to a trip, the modern nomad can not afford time to get acquainted with a new location. Besides that, it is challenging to be fully prepared for a new place. Urban Juice turns your travel experience into a fun activity by letting you get on-the-spot information and keep a log of your trip. By incorporating a social network of travelers, it provides you with the accumulated information.

There is a lot more to draw from the project report (beware! 23Mb pdf!). It explains the 3 modes of the projects: map (get location information, tag places, document your trip...), menu (travel planning), camera/augmented reality (take picture and document your trip in the camera mode OR get on-the-spot information in the augmented reality mode).

Why do I blog this? it's yet another system that aim at gathering traces of people's activity (like location tagging) to share them and create a filtering system about cities and travels.