Sonotree is a curious project by Mathias Forbach (previously at ecal now at bread and butter) that the defines as "a cubic wood box where you can insert branches to do music for dead trees"

Sonotree is a music box automaton where input switches are branches. The interface between branches and sounds is Pure Data, a sounds and video dedicated open-source program particularly used in vjaying. But here, we use it only for the sound, because "sonotree" is not a screen related installation, but its programming is visual. (...) To start the music, you have to put a branch into the box. It generates sounds, change the frequency, do bass from that sound and trebles. It's like giving "life" to the dead branches, as they have something to say

Why do I blog this? that sounds like a curious use of wooden stuff :) More seriously I love this idea of letting so-called artefacts (like dead branches) expressing sounds.. so much for the agency of pieces of wood, take it as a new interaction partners.