ATM as a gaming interface

Yesterday evening, some quick search on the web about using ATM interfaces as game platform led me to run across the following news: Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank is introducing fruitmachine-style games of chance which run while the ATM processes its more mundane transactions:

Since Japan's economy turned sour a decade ago, its once-complacent banks have had to work harder to attract custom. And cash machines have been relatively slow to catch on, not least because most banks still insist on charging for withdrawals. In order to persuade clients to use their machines, Japanese banks have introduced a range of inventive selling-points.

Why do I blog this? It's hard to thing more interesting than that, I was expecting some crazy hackers to have tinkered this sort of interface to create hardcore gaming experience. But the only good connection between ATM and games is that some folks designed ATM card to give access to virtual earnings.