Location-based wristwatch in Second Life

I'm slightly underwater lately and I missed this news about location-tracker in Second Life:

SLStats comes in the form of a wristwatch, available in Hill Valley Square [in SL] in the Huin sim. Once you register with the service in-world, the watch "watches" where you go, tracking your location as you move around the world, as well as which other avatars you come into contact with. The information is used on the SLStats site to rank most popular regions (among SLStats users, of course), and to track how much time you've spent in-world, which you can view at a link like this one, which tracks Glitchy: http://slstats.com/users/view/Glitchy+Gumshoe.

Why do I blog tis? yet another location-awareness tool that I should quote in my dissertation about this topic.